My passion for music and how this can be expressed in dancing is a constant beacon. There is always more to learn and an infinite amount of dancing styles to discover. That´s what makes this so exciting, that I will never be perfected. To, beyond that, have the chance to meet new people, spread happiness and a bit of culture is also an important aspect for me as a dancer.

I found this dance by coincidence, I thought it sounded exotic to try. The first semester was quite a chock, it was a lot harder than I had originally thought. This dance truly demanded that both mind and body worked together. But what a reward! Soon I took classes three times a week and I hope to keep the dance alive for many years ahead.

At the same time I started teaching beginners in bellydancing in Kristianstad and has done so since 2013 with a few breaks for two children!

Dancing styles I find fascinating are Baladi, Saidi, Shaabi, Khaleegy and Oryental.

Today I tour in Skåne and Blekinge and perform at different events, festivals, private parties, weddings, bachelorette parties and fairs.



Dancing brings joy in life and prolongs life! Treat yourself and others to something special.