Do you wish to enrich with oriental dance? Build your own program or be surprised. I adjust music, dancing style and outfits after occasion and audience. Please note; only serious requests!



Birthday party


Corporate events, kick-off, conference



Girls´ party


Packages, these can be adjusted after occasion:


Up to 10 minutes dancing time, calm intro and a lively end. Price from 1700 SEK.

Classic show

Up to 20 minutes dancing time, intro with a prop (cane, veil or fan veils), classical Egyptian style, drumsolo and folkloric style for everyone. Price from 2500 SEK. Please note that dancing props requires more dancing space.

Big show

Up to 40 minutes dancing time and can be divided into two shows with a maximum of one hour inbetween. I mix several props and if divided I may change outfit. This is suitable for larger events. Price from 3000 SEK.

Gala show

Do you want access to a bellydancer during your whole event? With several shows, several changes in outfit or in a messhall where people will pass by during a whole day? Price from 4500 SEK.



Dancing brings joy in life and prolongs life! Treat yourself and others to something special.



Please specify:

Desired dancing time and a change of outfit

Dancingspace ex. 5x5 meter, larger dancing space gives more variety.

Dancing ground ex. grass, floor, carpet

Desired dancing style, music or outfit

Access to changing room with/without mirror

Booking conditions:

I do not perform to an audience consisting of only males, ex bachelor party.

If you cancel a show, the whole cost will be billed if the cancelation is later than two weeks before the show.

If the dancer experiences any inappropriate behavior during a show, the show will be cut off without a refund.

The booker supplies music player or liveband, I will bring the music if it is not live.

Traveling costs of 18,50 SEK/10km counted from Kristianstad centralstation will be added. On Swedish holidays 50% will be added to the price. Prices are including VAT.