I welcome you to share true dancejoy with me from The middle east! I love to mix modern bellydance and folkloric dances to reach a wide audience.

I have danced oriental dances since 2012 and during that time I have come into contact with dancing styles from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey among others. Dancing props such as cane, fan veils and veils are a fantastic complement to dances that already has a lot to offer.

I always try to find new inspiration, new music and a way of modifying other dancer´s styles into my own style. The music speaks differently to all of us. My shows are distinguished by joy, love for the music and invites the audience to dance along.


Selina Sevil, Sadie Marquardt, Vanessa of Cairo, Sanjana Muthreja, Simon Sarkis, Diva Darina, Annah of Sweden, Minerva, Marta Korzun, Hilde Lund, SUVI, Fatima Serin, Sabriye Tekbilek, Yasmina of Cairo, Eman Zaki, Lena Helt and David Abraham.

Improvisation with Haissam Salah Eddine, Guy Schalom, David Hinojosa and Martin Stenitzer.



Dancing brings joy in life and prolongs life! Treat yourself and others to something special.